The BMW M5 made its debut in Safety Car guise last weekend at the last race of this year’s MotoGP championship in Valencia, Spain. The car brought forward an interesting livery as well as all the M Performance bits available at the moment for the M model. On its roof you could even spot a light bar but what we’re showing you today is missing that bit because, well, there’s no roof to attach it to.

While most of us probably wondered how the M5 would shape up if it was offered without a roof, we quenched our curiosity with the M6 Convertible so far, as the two were basically identical underneath. However, since the M6 is being pulled out of production, the M5 will remain true to only one body guise: sedan. As such, one imaginative renderer decided to chop off the roof of the car using some very good pixel manipulation skills and the end result is… interesting.

bmw m5 convertible rendering 2 830x467

I have to admit I’m not totally against it but it would’ve been a lot better if it had two doors instead of four, becoming a bit more realistic. Four-door convertibles aren’t exactly a fruit of someone’s imagination as they used to exist but that was back when the original Lincoln Continental was made. Several decades have passed and since, most manufacturers understood that’s not the ideal solution for a number of reasons.

The BMW M5 on the other hand, could be quite a stunner in Convertible guise, as we’d get to hear that V8 roar while we’re burning rubber but the chances of that happening are zilch. On the other hand, the BMW M8 is bound to get a drop to version and judging by the videos we’ve seen of the Coupe and the sounds it made, we’re pretty sure it will be a crowd favorite, despite what may very well be a quite restrictive price tag.