It looks like when it comes to saving our planet, egos can, after all, be put aside. BMW joined forces with other manufacturers to open a showroom in the heart of London to promote electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes and for every budget out there. The joint showroom doesn’t have any ‘traditional’ salespeople in it but instead it does come with product experts that explain the EVs in detail to those interested.

Apart from BMW, other manufacturers that have said yes to the proposal are Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Kia and Mitsubishi. The six have funded the creation of the Electric Vehicle Experience Center in Milton Keynes with the help of Chargemaster, a local developer of charging points. The showroom is located in a mall and has enough room for four vehicles at once, the models being displayed in rotation. Just nearby, a fleet of 59 vehicles is available for test drives if visitors are interested.

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“The shopping center environment means it’s more relaxed,” a Mitsubishi spokesperson said. “It’s less of a brand experience and more of a place to experience the technology.” Furthermore, as most representative said, the aim of this exercise is not to sell cars but instead to inform the visitors of what owning and using an EV entails.

These shared showrooms aren’t exactly something new as such endeavors have already been set up in China and the US. For example, such a store has been opened in Portland, Oregon in May and it’s called Go Forth. Ford, Chevrolet and Nissan have worked together to make it happen and customers can check out the Bolt, C-Max Energi and Leaf if they decide to go in. In China, similar displays exist in Shanghai, to inform potential customers of the pros and cons of an electric vehicle.