I can still remember the madness that was started when the Need for Speed Underground game came out. It was also around the same time the Fast and Furious franchise was kicking off and everyone was mad about tuning their car. While the popularity of extreme tuning has definitely died down, with neon lights being considered kitsch these days, some people still go through extreme lengths to make sure their ride stands out. Case in point: this BMW M4 with a Liberty Walk kit.

If you’re into JDM tuning you probably already know what Liberty Walk stands for. It’s a Japanese company that’s widely known – pun very much intended – for its body kits. They are certainly the experts in widebody kits for a variety of cars. German cars don’t typically undergo such transformations but sometimes they do and the results are either dreadful or brilliant. In this case, I think we’re dealing with the latter scenario.

bmw m4 liberty walk forgiato tuning 3 830x554

We’re looking at a Sakhir Orange BMW M4 that received a bolt-on widebody kit from Liberty Walk along with a new set of wheels and some serious spacers in the back to make sure it doesn’t end up looking like a shopping cart from the back. The wheels themselves are Forgiato TEC 2.2-Rs which do complement the new shapes and curves of the car.

That said, if this tickles your funny bone and you’re not trying to get a wide body kit for your car, you should know that the bolt-on choice isn’t the only one. The guys from Vorsteiner launched one of the first body kits for the M4 and their offering is as smooth as they come, albeit it will cost you significantly more. Now, if you caught the bug, at least you have two choices to pick from.