Whatever the future holds some things will and should always remain the same. The character and the soul of a car should still be there when talking about particular car makers like Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and even BMW. No matter the design, what powers the car or what it looks like, a BMW should feel like a BMW the moment you get in and start it up. That’s the biggest challenge engineers and designers are facing as we head into an electric future and some ideas might help out more than others.

What we have here is a rendering imagined by an enthusiast and posted on Behance. His name is Glorin Tsiourea and this BMW Vision Grand Tourer is his vision. The Vision Gran Tourer features classic, unmistakable BMW cues while also looking towards the future with what the author claims is a modular interior that adapts depending on your needs.

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According to Tsiourea the concept is meant to inspire us and improve our lives on the road at the same time, something all cars should strive to offer. Just like the concept shown by the Germans themselves in the shape of the iNext, one should be able to either sit back and let the car take them in ultimate comfort to their destination or, get up, grab the steering wheel from the dash and drive on his/her own in the sportiest possible way.

From the outside we can definitely see a small resemblance to the 8 Series Concept albeit only a small one. Also the kidney grilles seem to be a reinterpretation of the ones found on the recent Vision Electric Concept. But from the front end to the back everything seems to fall into place just right, making this one of the best propositions of future designs I’ve seen lately without a doubt.