Video: Three BMW M235i Racing Cars Crash on the Ring in VLN Race

2 Series, Racing, Videos | October 10th, 2017 by 6

When the BMW M235i was originally launched a lot of people considered it a perfect car to be transformed into a racer for various private teams. Back then there was no talk about an upcoming M2 or even the current M240i and, therefore, BMW offered its customers what they wanted: a proper race car. It was dubbed BMW M235i Racing and it has been used in a variety of events ever since, with some rather satisfied people behind its wheel.

The BMW M235i Racing is especially popular in the VLN and the video recorded below shows exactly how popular. In it you get to see no less than four of them in the same corner at the same time. However, only one would emerge untouched from the corner, the other three getting mixed up in some nasty business that put them on the sidelines for at least a race. From the looks of things, the driver of car number 668 started the whole thing by pushing car number 674 out of its way.

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The outcome of this maneuver has another car banged up, car number 695 ending up in the guardrails as well. And while things didn’t seem so nasty at first, according to the video uploader, after coming extremely close to the camera and the guardrail, car number 695 apparently did two flips that were not caught on film. Nevertheless, the race was slowed down and everyone got out alive and well after what looks like a true pant soiling event.

The BMW M235i Racing models will live to fight another day and their construction was designed from the get go so that they can do that. The cars come with FIA approved tanks as well as roll cages alongside the other changes done to them to be able to race. From the revised rear diff to the stripped out interior and upgraded suspension, everything was done to make them as competitive as possible within a budget.

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