We’re only a couple of months away from seeing the first BMW G01 X3 models delivered, and consequently the first reviews, but in the meantime, the current F25 BMW X3 is still on sale in certain parts of the world and people needing an SUV right now are quite interested in how it still performs. As a sort of swansong for this generation of X3, the people at What Car decided to do a review of the best selling model in the range.

Rebecca is taking a closer look at the BMW X3 in xDrive20d guise, the facelift coming with the new-age 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine codenamed B47. Unlike its N47 predecessor, the B47 comes with a bit more power and torque, being rated at 190 PS and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. Even though the X3 is a rather big car, the 2-liter mill isn’t easily overwhelmed and actually returns decent mpg figures, while also being quite brisk off the line.

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0-60 happens in 7.9 seconds which isn’t back breaking but it’s decent for the people who usually choose this version. Of course, if you want to go faster, there are other choices like the top of the range xDrive35d with 313 PS and the xDrive35i with 306 PS, both of them doing the same spring in less than 6 seconds. However, these are more of an utilitarian choice and Rebecca definitely goes through some of the things you may be interested in.

From practicality to the infotainment system she does go through most of the things that may interest you. She even tests the voice command system and it does seem to work flawlessly, at least when you have a perfect English accent and use easy to understand words. Nevertheless, she does prove that you can actually use this system as it has come a long way from the initial versions of iDrive. What remains to be seen now is how the new X3 compares to what used to be the benchmark in the segment.

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