We’ve known the BMW X7 SUV was coming for some time, now. It’s going to be the brand’s newest flagship luxury car and the largest SUV the brand has ever made. It will also come with three rows as-standard, making it a practical SUV for families, as well. However, we’ve also heard rumors that the Bavarians are working on another SUV, based off of the upcoming X7 — the BMW X8. If a BMW X8 is made, it would be a couple-like variant of the X7, an SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) if you will, much in the same vein as the BMW X6.

Granted, we have no official info on a possible X8, except for the fact that we know BMW has considered making such a thing. BMW has been evaluating the idea of making an X8 based off of the X7 but has yet to release any official answer. In theory, it makes sense, as BMW has had quite a lot of success with selling coupe-like SUVs, in the X6 and X4. However, in practice, it might not work out that well.

If the BMW X7 is going to be the biggest SUV the brand has ever made, what’s the point of chopping off most of its roof and getting rid of the possibility of a third row? Wouldn’t that just be an X6, then? I guess it would be a more luxurious and more stylish car than the X6 but its functionality wouldn’t be any different. Having said that, customers don’t really buy cars in this price bracket to be functional.

bmw x8 render 2 830x553

This render shows off what a BMW X8 might look like, using the newly released BMW X7 Concept. Admittedly, the concept won’t really represent what the actual X7 looks like when it finally hits roads. So basing the X8 render off of the concept won’t give us a great idea of what it will eventually look like. Though, it may never come to fruition anyway, so who really cares?

In this render, artist Aksyonov Nikita took the X7 Concept and chopped its roof at the back to make it resemble a BMW SAV. Then, it received headlights and Kidney Grilles from a BMW 7 Series, as well as lower front air intakes. It looks like it could be close to production ready but still very concept-y.

Just from this very, very early render of a possible BMW X8, do you think BMW should go ahead with making it?

[Source: CarScoops]