It’s hard for a contemporary Alpina fan to imagine how the tuner and currently manufacturer used to make its living back in the day. The company started life as a typewriter manufacturer and only later on became the trusted and respected BMW specialist we know today. However, this all happened over decades and back in the 1980s, an Alpina-tuned 6 Series was truly a rare sight on the roads, being bought solely by those who actually knew what it stood for.

The production numbers confirm this story. For example, the 1984 Alpina B9 3.5 Coupe we’re showing you today was built in only 75 units in total and while the Buchloe company might claim it was done in limited numbers on purpose, to make it more desirable, it might also be due to the low demand. Nevertheless, this beautiful and mint model is now up for grabs and it’s probably one of the very few cars of its kind still running.

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Power comes from a 3.5-liter straight six engine, as you’d expect it to, fiddled with by Alpina. It also uses an automatic gearbox, a peculiar choice for a BMW of that age but one that makes sense when considering this is an Alpina, after all. With 245 HP it used to be a proper monster back in the day, reaching a top speed close to 150 mph and therefore, not far off from the limited top speed of most modern BMWs.

Having been originally exported to Japan, the car is currently located in the UK, at Seymour Pope in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England and it’s up for grabs for 59,940 GBP (~$81k today). The odometer has 83k kilometers or around 52k miles on it and that may be an issue for some people. However, the current owner claims the car has been thoroughly maintained and that he has all the service receipts for the car’s entire life so far.