Lately BMW’s marketing team has been hitting home runs. They did it first with the new hilarious and unapologetic BMW M commercials and then with the new spots shown on TV networks across the US. While we were enthralled with these new clips we somehow forgot that other countries around the world also have different marketing teams working on standalone commercials. However, that doesn’t mean they are always up to par with the ones we’ve been seeing lately. One such example comes from Russia and it focuses on the BMW M2.

The BMW M2 doesn’t really need a commercial to start with. The car has been exceptionally received due to its impeccable handling and great performance, combined with a price tag that makes it by far the best buy in BMW’s current line-up. And yet, for obvious purposes we do have various other commercials aired around the world and the Russian spot posted below is a little off. Or shall we call it weird?

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It kicks off with a woman preparing for what looks like her morning run. Stretching and doing all sorts of movements in tight running gear definitely will get people’s imagination running but at the same time, a man is touching a BMW M2 in all the right places, running his hand across its generous curves. And while the two sets are intertwined and suggesting the M2 is just as beautiful to a gear head as a pretty lady that’s about to go on a run, we still don’t get exactly what the director wanted to portray.

The end is even more confusing, as the woman gets inside the car and they both drive off. Now, if the whole thing was a comparison between a woman’s shapes and the BMW M2, why would the commercial end with the woman hopping in the car? As I said, terribly confusing but an interesting approach nonetheless.