The officials in Munich promised over 40 new models to come out in the following years when they celebrated BMW’s 100th anniversary last year. Their vision for the next 100 years includes keeping up with the times and that scope reaches out to all the brands under their umbrella, including MINI. The British marque is now getting ready to launch its first electric car, alas in concept guise, at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month but some people thought they could go in a different direction too.

The peeps over at the Jennings Motor Group, a company from the UK, specialized in selling cars from a variety of manufacturers, decided to take a walk on the wild side and put together a couple of renderings of proper supercars of the future. The one that caught our eye first was the MINI supercar, a two-seater with generous curves and probably a killer engine under the hood.

mini smart tesla kia and fiat 124 imagined as excellent supercars 8 830x474

Considering that the BMW brand itself doesn’t have a supercar, chances of something like this happening are nonexistent but it is a good imagination exercise though. Chip in the fact that the Brits don’t have a two-seater anymore in their line-up after the slow-selling Coupe and Roadster models were pulled out of production, we get the feeling that this sort of vehicle won’t be making a comeback too soon with the winged logo on the bonnet.

The guys also took a stab at rendering other peculiar supercars, based on other run of the mill cars. From a Fiat 124 Spider to a Toyota GT86, both of them looking the part. But if we were to bet money of any of these becoming reality, the Kia would be the safest bet. At the rate the South Koreans are advancing and fighting for a place at the table with the big boys, this one is the most likely to become reality.