It’s fun to imagine what certain cars would be like if automakers had the courage to make strange concoctions. For instance, what about a convertible variant of the BMW M5. It would be madness, sure, but hilarious and interesting. It probably wouldn’t work in practice, either, thanks to having such a massive roof that would need to retract and the torsional rigidity would be abysmal at best. Yet, it’s still fun to dream. That’s exactly what these new M5 renders are all about.

The first is a BMW M5 Convertible in a cool green paint. It’s absurd and ridiculous but I kind of want someone to chop the top off of an M5 and let me drive it. At their expense, of course. Imagine a massive performance luxury convertible that you can shuttle three other friends with, in supreme luxury, at blistering speeds, with the top down? That would be a riot. For about 10 minutes, as the lack of structure strength would then likely vibrate all your spines to dust. Which sounds uncomfortable.

bmw m5 m performance livery 3 830x553

The next render is much more possible, though. It’s essentially a BMW M5 race car, with a massive fixed rear wing and an M Division livery that looks ace. The livery looks awesome and makes me think BMW should offer something similar on the M5 in future. The wing is a bit over the top but that’s kinda the point and the extra aero looks cool. If BMW races something like this in the future, I will be a very happy person.

Lastly, a BMW M5 cop car is rendered and I would join the German police force is I could drive that everyday. Also, it would terrify baddies. Who would rob a bank knowing they’d be chased down by a 600 hp BMW M5? Literally no one.

bmw m5 police 3 830x553

These renders are silly, nearly impossible and absurd but fun. And isn’t fun the entire point of being a car enthusiast?

[Source: Aksyonov Nikita]