Why do people love Rolls-Royce cars? Is it because they’re expensive? Is it because of the status it offers them or are there actual objective reasons to it? Well, if you were to ask me, I’d buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom if I could just for the silky smooth feeling it offers you when driving around in it. Part of the credit for that feeling goes to the excellent suspension set up but another big chunk goes to the V12 engine under the hood.

That’s what makes V12s loved around the world, the balance and silky smooth torque delivery they offer. However, that doesn’t seem to be a criteria for one Japanese Rolls-Royce Phantom owner who decided his car was better off with a straight six. According to Engine Swap Depot, the car we’re looking at today suffered some terrible engine malfunction and the owner decided to simply replace the mill instead of trying to fix it.

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Therefore, he arrived at the conclusion that a Toyota straight six would do the same job for considerably less money. Therefore, he had a tuning shop install a 2JZ 3-liter straight six engine under the hood. Since there was so much room left under there now, they decided to throw some forced induction in the mix as well. The engine was therefore turbocharged using a GReddy T78-33D turbocharger and then supercharged with the help of a HKS GTS8555 supercharger.

The end result is a car with no turbo lag capable of putting down 900 horsepower, a drastic improvement from the original 450-ish HP the Phantom came with. All of that is going to the rear axle via a new Aristo gearbox with changed internal that can keep up with the grunt. While the specs definitely sound interesting, we hate the way the instrument cluster looks now, albeit we do understand why all those gauges are needed. Some 1/4 lap times would also be welcome, to see just how fast this Rolls got now that it has twice as much horsepower.