With prices for older, mint BMWs going crazy recently, the E30 M3 being probably the best example in this regard, the fact that a mint 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL was sold for £78,750 seems like an encouraging sign. Maybe there’s still hope for us, hope that prices won’t go completely mad and leave us just drooling over such classics.

The car we’re talking about today has a rather interesting background though, one that may justify its lower than expected price tag. A 1973 model, shipped over to the UK in the first months of the year, this green BMW 3.0 CSL has gone through no less than 8 owners so far, thus having its value reduced by a considerable amount. Furthermore, its odometer is showing 75,000 miles (over 120,000 kilometers) and that too doesn’t fare well for the Bimmer.

In its defense though, the people over at Silverstone claim that its engine was restored by a Ferrari specialist along with the gearbox and suspension recently. In 2011, the body was stripped down to the its bare metal and fixed, rust removed and painted in its original, period-correct Taiga Green that looks absolutely stunning. The owner of the car back then must’ve taken extremely good care of it since it looks absolutely impeccable in the photos.

Therefore, taking a look at everything we told you about it, does it deserve £78,750? At today’s exchange rates that adds up to about $102,000 and that’s not peanuts money. As a matter of fact, you could get a brand new BMW 7 Series with everything on it or a BMW M4 with seriously expensive add-on for this kind of money today. Furthermore, the BMW 3.0 CSL is right hand drive which further reduces its worldwide appeal. However, on the long run, chances are a BMW F80 M3 won’t bring you a great return or even a small profit whereas the 3.0 CSL could show great potential even on the short run.

[Note: This is not the actual car up for auction]