The new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII is here to reinvent the ultimate luxury in the automotive field. Just like its predecessors, the new Phantom will be regarded as the best of the best, the sole choice for the ultra-rich people out there. This makes the double-R logo one of the most desirable in the world and therefore people would bend over backwards at the chance to drive or own one. Therefore, a cheaper version would be the best thing that ever happened for some fans of the brand who just couldn’t afford the six-digit price tags otherwise.

Could Rolls-Royce launch a car for under $100,000? Not in a million years but that didn’t stop X-Tomi design from putting together a rendering that shows us what a ‘low budget’ Phantom could look like. Throwing big black plastic bumpers on it along with steel wheels do take away some of the shine of the car, but not even when you take into account the plastic window surrounds, door handles and rear view mirror covers you can’t think of this thing as cheap.

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That’s because you don’t know what’s hiding under the sheet metal. A 2-liter diesel engine would probably be able to move this land yacht but not at an alarming speed while the interior would probably have to be filled with cheap plastics and finished off with a manual gear shift lever just under the AC vents. Last but not least, in the spirit of offering a cheaper Rolls the British manufacturer would probably have to offer cloth seats. That’s a scary thought!

Then we have the pickup version rendered, which would probably leave cheap materials behind and instead give potential customers a lot more room for carrying … well just about anything. The thing is, this would probably be used by the butlers and servants as they’d be tasked with carrying the luggage for those wealthy individuals otherwise traveling in the back of proper Phantoms. After all, the place to be in a Rolls is in the back and definitely not in the front.