How much would you pay for this near-perfect BMW 3.0 CSL?

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One of the absolute most beloved BMWs of all time is the 3.0 CSL. It’s loved on many levels and that’s a lot of what …

One of the absolute most beloved BMWs of all time is the 3.0 CSL. It’s loved on many levels and that’s a lot of what makes it so great, it wasn’t a one-trick pony. The BMW 3.0 CSL had it all: looks, performance, history and handling. It’s the total classic-car package. This specific car that’s currently up for sale is about as close to perfect as any enthusiast could ask for and it’s stunning.

This specific 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL is one of only 439 left-hand drive second-series models, with fuel-injection. So that makes it special right there. It was also delivered in real-deal lightweight form, with lightweight a hood and trunk and even acrylic glass. So it shows its proper motorsport heritage off quite well.

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It also looks superb. In near-mint condition, this 3.0 CSL is painted in Golf Yellow with black “CSL” livery. It’s just such a stunning car and one that I personally think will still look good decades from now. It’s just such a pretty and classic shape that it won’t ever go away. The cabin is also great, with those fantastic lightweight sport buckets, classic three-spoke steering wheel and nice wood throughout. It’s very inviting and is begging me to drive it.

Under the hood lies, you guess it, a 3.0 liter straight-six engine with not a turbocharger in sight. It’s a glorious engine that makes a wonderful noise and is lovely to rev. It’s handling is also pure and special feeling. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the sort of accuracy or precision that basically any modern BMW has, but it’s handling, steering and dynamics are all pure. You get back exactly what you put in and that’s what you want when you’re hustling a car fast.

The BMW 3.0 liter CSL also has a rich motorsport history. In fact, the only reason road cars were made was to homologate the racing cars. The 3.0 CSL also famously won Sebring and BMW still brings that very car around to auto shows to show it off. It was a big deal then, making its history quite desirable now.

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Now, this specific car is very expensive. So expensive, in fact, that there’s no price listed. It only says “P.O.R.”, which stands for Price on Request. That’s basically a nice way of saying that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Plus, it’s not absolutely, entirely original. There was some restoration done and some parts replaced. However, everything has been restored tastefully. Admittedly, there’s one upgrade. The stock four-speed manual was replaced with a more modern five-speed unit that makes it feel a bit more modern than it does originally.

The BMW 3.0 CSL is one of the absolute best cars in BMW’s very rich and prestigious history. So putting a price tag on that is difficult, especially one as pretty as this. So what say you, folks, how much would you spend on this near-perfect BMW 3.0 CSL?

[Source: Classic Driver]