The ALPINA Drive Day 2017 took place on 30th of June and more than 35 BMW ALPINA drivers joined the event at the Bilster Berg to advance their driving skills and enjoy track time in a relaxed atmosphere. The passion was rather tangible, as one customer even traveled all the way from Japan to participate. The Bilster Berg track offers a very diverse circuit layout. Therefore, the Germans considered it suitable for intermediate and advanced drivers as well – one of the key reasons to perform the ALPINA Drive Day on this race track.

All participants had the chance to improve their driving skills throughout the day and enjoyed the experience of driving their own bespoke automobiles supported by chief instructor Horst von Saurma as well as specialists from the ALPINA engineering department. Furthermore a few lucky participants had the unique chance to enjoy a few laps next to Andreas Bovensiepen in the historic BMW ALPINA M3 Gruppe A.

ALPINA DRIVE DAY 2017 Bilster Berg 02 830x519

The event is organized yearly by the German manufacturer, offering its customers the chance to bring out the best in them and their cars, in a safe and challenging environment. The participants bring their own cars to the track the company chooses and then proceed to squeeze the last drop of performance out of them. Since the power specs of modern Alpina cars make driving them to the limit impossible on public roads without breaking the law, this is the perfect chance to blow off some steam.

As we can see from the video published by the German company on Youtube last week, everyone seemed to have a blast setting the stage for 2018. The location and date will be set at a later time but rest assured, the 2018 ALPINA Drive Day will be definitely happening.