The BMW M3 has been ignored recently with the M4 getting all the attention and special models. First there was the GTS which blew everyone away ever since it was in pre-production guise. Then focus turned to the popular Competition Package cars and after that the BMW M4 CS came out, just a short step behind the GTS in terms of… everything! The BMW M3 on the other hand has been rather silent, waiting for its turn.

And while we don’t have any new info coming in from official BMW channels, tuners and dealers are trying to fill in that gap. One of them is the world-famous BMW Abu Dhabi dealership, the one in charge of bringing out a host of special models. The people over there have put together a Speed Yellow BMW M3 decked with GTS parts, to get it closer to its M4 brother in terms of looks.

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The car now has a GTS hood, according to BMW Abu Dhabi, a new GTS front splitter that is also adjustable,  an M Performance exhaust system with Titanium tips, M Performance boot wing made of carbon fiber and an M Performance rear carbon fiber diffuser. The special M3 also sits on 666-style wheel while the M Performance side sills put the final touch on the exterior upgrade.

Inside the cabin you’ll also notice a lot of carbon fiber paired with the same color as the exterior, Speed Yellow. There’s no mention of a power upgrade, but we’re guessing this M3 was fitted with the Competition Package and is therefore pushing 450 HP to the wheels from the 3-liter straight six twin-turbo engine under the GTS hood.  In the end, it’s going to catch the eye of innocent bystanders when driving by, no matter how much power it has.