Tesla Model 3 to begin deliveries tonight, following Delivery Event

News | July 28th, 2017 by 4

Ever since Tesla announced that it would be making the Model 3, the buzz surrounding it has been unstoppable. EV fans and automotive enthusiasts alike have been following the Model 3’s production quite closely. Even if you dislike Tesla or EVs, the Model 3 is a big deal and an important landmark for the industry. It marks the first affordable mass-production electric car. That must be attractive to buyers, as the Model 3 had about a bazillion pre-orders before anyone even saw the car. Now, though, is the day so many have been waiting for. Today is the delivery day for the Tesla Model 3.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an important day for Tesla without some sort of Apple-like launch event. So Tesla and Elon Musk have created massive event called the “Delivery Event”, where Musk will hand over a Tesla Model 3 to the very first owner.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Interior

The rest of the first 30 Model 3s will be delivered to the first 30 customers tonight as well. Admittedly, a lot of those customers are Tesla employees or board members but there will be some actual customer delivers tonight as well. After tonight, deliveries will continue to the rest of the hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide that preordered the Model 3.

Why is the Tesla Model 3 such a big deal? Well, it offers the market a 200 mile-plus electric car with all of Tesla’s most advanced technologies and quite a bit of luxury for around $30,000. It should start life at around $35,000 but will drop thanks to government tax incentives on buying electric cars. So customers will realistically only spend around $30,000 for a car that is fully electric, has more range than anything else without a Tesla badge on it and be very high-tech. So it will become quite the milestone in automotive history.

Now, will the Tesla Model 3 be any good? That’s yet to be seen, obviously. We won’t know until we can at least read some reviews about it, or possibly get our hands on one. Until then, though, tonight is an important night for Tesla, the automotive industry and the world, whether you like Tesla or not.