Working on your own custom race car is something a lot of us dream of. For the most part, we don’t end up actually doing for two major reasons: we lack either time or money. Sometimes it’s only one of these reasons, sometimes it’s both of them but you get the idea. However, I can’t even imagine how heart broken you must feel when all you hard work and time invested in building a dream race car like a BMW E46 M3 GT3 goes down the drain over night because some decided it would be OK to simply steal it from you.

That’s exactly what happened last week to Matthew Trivet, a celebrity Esports commentator. The man had just finished his car and taken it out on the track a couple of times, when one night his beloved M3 was stolen along with his race trailer. According to his Facebook profile, he thinks this was a targeted theft, as it would’ve been pretty hard to guess what was inside that trailer, if anything at all.

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The car was apparently stolen from Canada’s Vantage Motors in Truro, Nova Scotia and some footage of a van pulling away with his trailer attached to it was seemingly recorded, offering a rough idea as to what to be on the lookout for. Matthew also says that the Police was alerted and that they are doing their best to find it. Nevertheless, if anyone has any info leading to the car’s safe return home, a CAD10,000 reward ($7,700 at today’s exchange rates) is offered.

Thrived even took his M3 to the track in the TRAC Series, a Canadian road-racing series that hosts five classes of sedans and sports cars and he’s actually quite good behind the wheel, according to footage posted on his Youtube channel. The alleged theft took place just after he actually posted an overall win in the championship, which prompted one of his friends to joke about keeping his car away from prying eyes, to avoid someone stealing it. If you do get any info about it, or see it at a race track, you can find Matt and claim your reward using his social media accounts where he is known as Sadokist.