If you don’t live in Sweden or if you’re not that much into skiing, you probably don’t know a lot about Jon Olsson. The man is a legend in his home country, rising to fame after performing to the highest level in the sport that rises above all others in the Scandinavian country. He is also quite well known for his taste in cars that usually don’t stick to their standard spec sheet. He has been taking part in the Gumball 3000 Rally in the last few years and he’s always used a different car for each year the rally was held. His latest toy though is based on a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

In typical fashion, he modified it to great extent, taking the luxurious coupe to a whole new level in terms of performance. The car was upgraded by the people over at Absolute Motors in the Netherlands and it now develops a whopping 810 HP and over 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft) of torque.

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The stock Wraith makes 632 HP out of its 6.6-liter turbocharged V12. Therefore, the increase is not as radical as Olsson got us used to in the past in terms of percentages, but with 810 HP, he turned the Rolls into a tire shredding machine. However, that’s not all.

The Wraith also received the customary camo wrap all of Jon’s cars get as well as other upgrades. From the 24″ Forgiato wheels to the massive lights both on the Pantheon grille and the roof, this thing is in full beast mode.

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The roof also gained a rack that has been fixed using magnets, a rather unconventional approach, to be honest. But then again, that’s totally Olsson’s style, just like the carbon fiber surf board that was fixed on top of the rack. Next to the surf board you’ll also notice some gas cans because, let’s face it, this Wraith won’t even do 20 mpg.

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