Woman Drives Her New BMW Into Wet Concrete, Says It’s Not Her Fault

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Getting a new car is a feeling everyone should experience during their lifetime. And whether that car just came off the production line or it was …

Getting a new car is a feeling everyone should experience during their lifetime. And whether that car just came off the production line or it was owned by someone before doesn’t really matter as long as it is new to you. That’s the feeling Eleysia Morris must’ve had the other day, when she was driving her BMW E92 3 Series Coupe that was given to her as a graduation gift by her parents. Unfortunately, the love story was cut short when she unknowingly parked in wet cement.

The story comes from Fox 5 Atlanta and apparently, Eleysia claims that the patch of wet cement where her car ended up was not properly signaled and she had no idea what was happening until it was too late. However, the DeKalb County officials issued a statement claiming that that’s not true and that the contractors in charge of the work did their job correspondingly.

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“Shortly after noon on June 20, a motorist drove her red BMW car into wet concrete; inside the construction site, disregarding an installed and permitted traffic signal system, traffic barricades and flaggers. Contractors for DeKalb County were installing concrete cap as part of a new 18-inch force main pipeline system in the vicinity of 6333 Rockland Road. A tow truck was called to extricate the vehicle. However, they were unable to do so since the concrete had set up and prevented them from removing the car. The DeKalb County contractor is mobilizing to remove the concrete and extricate the car so that it can be towed from the construction site, since it is impacting public safety,” said the county in a response issued for Fox 5 Atlanta.

That seems to be quite a response and at the moment, it’s her word against the authorities. In her defense, Morris does claim that a pickup truck was driving aggressively towards her, honking its horn and flashing its lights when it all happened. That may also have been one of the workers trying to warn her but then again, nobody knows for sure what happened according to the info available at the moment. What we’re sure of is that if it does turn out to be her fault, the repair bill will be massive. And we’re not talking only about fixing the BMW but also about fixing the ruined cement, that may incur costs of up to $10,000. Shame about the car though but hopefully a valuable lesson will be learned from all this.

12 responses to “Woman Drives Her New BMW Into Wet Concrete, Says It’s Not Her Fault”

  1. GregV8 says:

    Since it was a “graduation gift” it’s fair to assume she is an inexperienced driver. I’m going with the contractors on this one.

  2. kirbang says:

    It’s not my fault. It’s someones else fault, I was only the driver.

  3. Derrick Rose says:

    the $10,000 cost costs more than that e92.

  4. DM says:

    98% of drivers on the road urgently need to be restricted to level 5 autonomous passengers as a matter of necessity. I’d happily support the obsolescence of the auto insurance industry if it means we can successfully remove control of the vehicle away from people like this.

  5. pablouk says:

    Well if it was anything like my e93 it would have only lasted her a while before all the faults put it off the road for good.

  6. Andretti808 says:

    Thank God it wasn’t a M car, never in my life have I mistaken a construction area for a ok place to park especially if the work is going on!! She was probably disregarding the obvious…

    • Bukhari Khan says:

      Mascara in left hand, Starbucks in right hand, and snapchat open on the iPhone which is laying in her lap. Impossible to differentiate between travel road and work zone with so many distractions…

  7. Max says:

    Sounds normal for the US – its never the drivers fault!
    Its almost surprising that she or her parents didnt say its BMWs fault, because that is what normally happens – “its the cars fault”. U really need to work on peoples mindsets over there, its amazing how bad that is, even the beginners are completely dumb and unaware of consequences…

  8. Terry Cowan says:

    When will it spontaneously combust? Watched a woman turn onto a dedicated streetcar line last week. Hope she got further than this one.

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