“The Driveway” features today one of the most popular and loved M cars ever built – the E92 M3. The last supercharged M3 ended its production three years ago when BMW replaced the coupe with the first M4 model. Despite being over 10 years old, the E92 M3 continues to grow in popularity and it’s one of the highest sought cars on the pre-owned market. The E92 M3 featured today belongs to Vasil Krastev and judging by the photos, it’s in pristine condition and ready for new adventures.

The Driveway E92 M3 04 830x553

Time of Ownership:
April 2015

What made you buy it?:
It is my dream car – M3 with V8 engine. And also it is already a legend – the last natural aspirated M3 Coupe ever!

Things you like:
I like every single part of this car – the engine, the sound, the suspension, the steering, the way it looks and how it feels. It is a masterpiece!

The Driveway E92 M3 06 830x553

Things you’d change:
It would be nice to have some of the modern BMW gadgets but it is not such a big deal. The light beige interior leather is very hard to keep clean – if I was able to configure the car I would have chosen some orange or light brown color.

Modifications Done:
Only some small beautifications like LED interior light package, individual front grills in Schwarzchrom…

Any Adventures?:
It was kind of adventure the way I got my hands on the car. I have always been a fan of BMW and M Power especially. Always wanted to have an M3… My dream was to drive a V8 engine too. Clearly these two made my car choice. :)
I started searching for my M-car the moment I was able to afford it – winter of 2014. The interesting thing here was that I also had a deadline – summer of 2015. That is because me and some friends were planning a trip to Germany to attend a drift training course at BMW Driving Academy in Maisach.

On our way back we wanted to ride our ultimate driving machines through several very famous mountain passes in the Austrian Alps. The search began and the pressure was intense. There were not many offers to look at as I wanted the sun roof… I was starting to loose faith when I suddenly came across an offer that immediately drew my attention. The moment I saw the pictures I knew it was THE car I was searching for! It was LCI full individual, DCT and Competition package… Everything I was looking for. I payed it right away and ordered a friend of mine who delivers cars to Bulgaria to bring that one for me.

I was the happiest man when the car finally arrived at the end of April (I waited almost one month…). Mission accomplished – I had my M Power and we were ready to start our trip. We made an epic journey I will always remember!

Every year since we make such 4000 km MTrip somewhere in the Alps and drive our cars on the most exciting mountain passes in Europe. Last year we visited Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Here are two videos I made up with our footage from last years journey:

[fvplayer src=”https://vimeo.com/200666013″ width=”640″ height=”360″ splash=”https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/614227231_1280x720.jpg?r=pad” caption=”MTrip 2016, ep.3 – Switzerland”]

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N653wHcwEYc” width=”640″ height=”360″]

The car and its maintenance for 2 years – oils, fluids, spark plugs, brake pads.

What’s Next (Next car, next adventure, etc.)?:
The next thing for sure is our 2017 MTrip. I can’t wait for it!