The Formula E championship is still in its incipient phase, trying to get off the ground. Massive marketing budgets mean that the people in charge of making a name for the eco-friendly racing championship can appeal to all sorts of celebrities which is why we get to see people like Paris Hilton and now Naomi Campbell appearing on the sidelines. Recently, Cambell was actually taken around the track aboard a BMW i8 Safety Car with the CEO of Formula E behind the wheel, Mr. Alejandro Agag.

The video kicks off with Agag telling Campbell that he doesn’t really know the track, probably as a ruse to get the poor supermodel even more scared than she already was.

As for the hot lap itself, Naomi doesn’t really seem to enjoy it as much as we thought. After just a couple of corners, she starts screaming and invoking divine intervention to make everything stop. Luckily for her, the man behind the wheel knows what he is doing and she’s not actually in any real danger. Furthermore, the car doesn’t even look to be going that fast but then again, maybe we’re just used to footage of Formula 1 cars ripping through those tight corners and our perception has been distorted, who knows.

In the end, it does seem like all of this was more of a marketing ploy than just a fun outing on the track, with both Agag and Campbell repeatedly mentioning the car and ‘how cool it is’.