For some BMW owners, picking a bright and colorful exterior finish – like Melbourne Red Metallic – is the simplest and most affordable way to stand out in the crowd. This BMW X5 M comes finished in one of the best-looking finishes offered by BMW, giving the lumbering SAV a unique and appealing look. After all, the X5 M is a beast that matches aggressive and stylish looks with a powerful engine.

The vehicle is powered by a 4.4 liter V8 TwinPower Turbo engine delivering 575 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, which allows rumbling SUVs to achieve performance levels which, up until recently, were reserved only for high-performance coupes and sedans. The power levels found in this SAV allows the all-wheel drive monster to accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.0 seconds. Top speed is an electronically limited blazing fast 155mph (250km/h).

Melbourne Red BMW X5 M with HRE P201 Wheels in Frozen Gold 12 830x553

The owner of this Melbourne Red BMW X5 M also went with some aftermarket touches to further emphasize the exterior looks of his car. These subtle, yet impacting touches, make all the difference. The installation was done by Wheels Boutique, in turn ensuring proper fitment and a worry-free modding experience too.

The biggest contributor to the accentuated looks are the HRE P201 wheels. These are custom made, aftermarket wheels that are specially designed and engineered for a heavy and performance oriented vehicle, like this. The wheels are installed in sizes of 22×10 and 22×12.5 in the front and rear, respectively. With the wheels finished in Frozen Gold, the whole exterior pops out.

Melbourne Red BMW X5 M with HRE P201 Wheels in Frozen Gold 2 830x553

The wheels are joined by a slight drop, some performance tires, a carbon fiber rear diffuser and an Akrapovic exhaust system. In turn, you’ve got an SUV that can hold its own equally on the racetrack and in the children pick up area.

Melbourne Red BMW X5 M with HRE P201 Wheels in Frozen Gold