Even though a lot of owners tune their cars only for show, there is a group of people that like to cater more to performance and safety needs, arising from regular track day usage. This owner falls into this category. In turn, this BMW F82 M4 is completely refined to adhere to special track needs. Though, the visual aspect wasn’t left untouched. In fairness, the visual mods also impact the performance and safety aspect, so we can safely say that the owner of this BMW M4 pretty much nailed his aftermarket upgrades.

First in line for this build were the visual improvements. Namely, the APR Performance Front Splitter / Air Dam graces this vehicle. A high-quality part, the spoiler is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures, where the parts are made from pre-preg carbon fiber materials, allowing them to be strong and light weight.

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The APR Performance Front Splitter/Air Dam integrates with the factory front bumper to help the vehicle reduce lift, increase front-end stability, improve high-speed cornering grip and allow for better traction in high-performance driving situations. Additionally, the front splitter comes with a built-in aerodynamic splitter design that creates a high-pressure region of air atop the protruding surface, further reducing lift and increasing net downforce.

Next in line, a set of BBS FI-R wheels were installed. Finished in Matte Black finish, the wheels look great. Additionally, these wheels are light – some of the lightest custom wheels available today – but come with a hefty price tag. Usually, a set of BBS FI-R wheels will set you back approximately $8,000 for a set – which, in turn, will make you think twice, before pulling the trigger on them.

DSC 0676 Watermarekd copy 750x501

Once the wheels were installed, the owner went on and added a new aftermarket suspension system. The Ohlins Road&Track suspension helps with cornering performance, but also allows a nice drop in ride height – as seen from the media gallery below. In turn, this creates a rather impressive looking stance. The Ohlins suspension allows for optimum grip and stability for maximum performance combined with a smooth, comfortable setting for the road, achieved through painstaking road tests. The feeling for a driver is ‘plush’, stable handling on the street with good traction and superior grip and performance allowing for a fast lap on track.

With the performance side of things sorted out, the final visual touches come in form of some additional parts and carbon fiber. The IND Distribution carbon fiber grilles and gills, add that perfect accentuating touch, while a Vorsteiner rear diffuser yields better rear-end stability, better downforce and impressive visual appeal as well.

Mineral Gray BMW M4 Track Ready With BBS FI-R Wheels Wallpaper

With the visual refinements done, the owner turned to the safety enhancements. The interior has been updated with a Fall Line racing cage close out, a split collar rings for the harness and custom cage mounted fire extinguisher, made by Safe Craft. The final touch – for the interior – is the seat bolsters refinished by IND in OEM black leather from Silverstone leather.

The detailed photoshoot of this BMW M4 is done by Matt Dion Photography and TYRphoto. Check out the complete media gallery of this project right below.