Some would think that, with the abundance of standard and Individual finishes available for the BMW M4, there isn’t much more customers would need. On the other hand, to some, borrowing color finishes from the likes of Ferrari is a must to have their BMW M4 stand out even more. Hence, this particular owner chose a striking Grigio Medio finish for his vehicle. While subtle, it clearly adds a stylish touch that exerts the aggressive lines of the high-performance coupe rather perfectly. Additionally, the owner also opted out for a number of aftermarket tuning parts – all in order to make his BMW M4 stand out even more.

The work on this build is done by AUTOCouture Motoring, a rather well-known name in the aftermarket tuning world for BMW vehicles. The project seen here is a blend of performance and visual enhancing parts, giving the M4 a boost in both major departments.

Grigio Medio BMW M4 Gets Modded By AUTOCouture Motoring 7 750x501

First, the tuner installed several aero upgrades. Namely, the addition of the M Performance front aero spoiler, RW Carbon skirts with a CRT stripe, and a Vorsteiner  GTS diffuser matched with a PSM V2 trunk spoiler. The carbon fiber aero additions work rather well with the Grigio Medio exterior paint finish. Furthermore, the MSR intake is painted Grigio Medio, where the MSR charge pipes are finished in the same color scheme as well.

Finally, the exterior visual mods are completed with an OneEighty NYC custom headlights – coming strikingly similar to the BMW M4 LCI headlight design overall. The interior visual updates consist of the BMW M Performance DCT shift knob, the M Performance DCT base plate and the M Performance E-Brake handle.

Grigio Medio BMW M4 Gets Modded By AUTOCouture Motoring 21 750x501

The wheels chosen for this BMW M4 build are rather classy as well. The HRE R101 wheels, sized 20×8.5 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear, come with a Satin Black finish, perfectly matching the dark color scheme of the vehicle.

Additionally, the owner decided to upgrade the suspension system as well; this is done thanks to a KW Suspension Height Adjustable Sleeve-Over Kit that allows for fine modification of the ride height and suspension rebound too. Hidden under the wheels are a Brembo GT Big Brake Kit rotors painted in the same Grigio Medio, together with the classic bubble letter font applied as well.

Grigio Medio BMW M4

The performance aspect is enhanced, thanks to a set of Akrapovic exhaust downpipes matched with an M Performance rear section exhaust system, giving the vehicle more power, more torque and improved throttle response alongside an improved exhaust note. The whole performance aspect is tied into together, thanks to an ACM S3 flash tune. Further detailed shots of this build are available in the media gallery below.

Grigio Medio BMW M4