BMW is a global brand and the love for blue and white roundel sees no geographical boundaries, so it’s no wonder that we can find a group of people that love the brand even in far away corners of the Earth. This particular photoshoot comes from a group of BMW ///M owners from Vietnam.

While the gorgeous sandy beaches, tasty food and Nike sneakers may be more identifiable with this beautiful country, these three owners give us a completely different view of their homeland. Sheer beauty of what mother nature created for us and the mechanical wonders created by humankind, mix well together in this photoshoot.

Triple BMW M Shoot From Vietnam BMW M2 BMW M4 and BMW M6 Image 20 750x422

This photoshoot gives us a great insight into the Vietnamese BMW scene: it features a BMW M2, BMW M4 and a BMW M6. While some of our readers will be less impressed with “yet another BMW photoshoot”, this one is a bit different. First, the gorgeous scenery showcased is a perfect addition to these beautiful vehicles.

Second, the location is also special – the photoshoot takes place in Trang An, Ninh Binh, Vietnam – which is quite famous for its spectacular scenery – some go as far as saying it’s Halong Bay on land. Furthermore, this exact same site will be featured in the upcoming feature film “Kong: Skull Island”.

Triple BMW M Shoot From Vietnam BMW M2 BMW M4 and BMW M6 Image 25 750x422

Another interesting aspect is the attainability of these cars in Vietnam. While the economic predictions for this Asian tiger are strong and there’s more than enough wealthy people that can afford it, this doesn’t mean that M cars come cheap over there. For example, the BMW M2 is so rare, that only two units can be found in the entire country right now. The (around) $140,000 price tag definitely has something to do with it. These M2s are so expensive that BMW Vietnam doesn’t even offer them on their official website.

But for owners that are in love with the Bavarian brand, the good old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” will always be relevant. Check out the full shoot in the media gallery right below.