Unfortunately, BMW didn’t make a commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. While it would have been cool to see one from the Bavarians, there were plenty of great car commercials to keep us gear-heads entertained in between the action of what was probably the best Super Bowl of all time. So let’s take a look at the five best car ads of yesterday.

5. Alfa Romeo Giulia “Mozzafiato”: In traditional Alfa Romeo style, the Giulia’s new Super Bowl ad has to have some Italian flare. The word “Mozzafiato” means “to take one’s breath away” in Italian and if there’s a breathtaking sport sedan in the segment, it’s the Alfa Giulia. Especially so in Quadrifoglio spec, which was shown in the ad. If course, the ad featured a ton of Italian culture and flare, with opera music in the background and an Italian woman narrating. Plus, we get to see the gorgeous Giulia Quadrifoglio in action in what is the first American Alfa Romeo commercial in ages.

4. Buick Cascada (featuring Cam Newton/Miranda Kerr): While the Buick Cascada is a pretty boring car, it’s had good commercials two years in a row with tons of star power. Buick also continues the tradition of having an NFL player and a supermodel. Last year, it was Odell Beckham Jr. and Emily Ratajkowski and this year it was Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr. The ad features a pee-wee football game being played when a woman parks her Buick Cascada in the parking lot. One of the dad’s in the stands claims how nice the Buick is to another dad. The other dad says “If that’s a Buick, my son is Cam Newton”. His son, playing quarterback, lines up under center and then becomes Cam Newton. It’s pretty funny to watch gigantic Cam Newton throwing kids around on the football field.

3. Honda CR-V “Yearbooks”: Featuring a ton of major celebrities, Honda’s new CR-V commercial is a good one. Titled “Yearbooks”, this ad features several high-school yearbook photos of famous celebrities that talk. They talk about their dreams and chasing them down but it’s funny to hear voices of great comedic stars like Tina Fey and Steve Carrell.

2. KIA Niro “Hero’s Journey”: Melissa McCarthy is one of the funnier people in television at the moment, starring. She’s also the face of the new KIA Niro and doesn’t disappoint in this new ad for the hybrid Niro. In it, she tries to take on a ton of different environmental challenges, as she’s driving a hybrid. Each and every adventure she goes on, she gets into serious peril and seriously injured and it’s pretty funny to watch as McCarthy is her typical self, shouting and screaming in fear. The situations she gets into are hilariously outlandish and it’s worth watching even though the car is pretty funny.

1. Audi “Daughter #DriveProgress”: Two years in a row, Audi has delivered great Super Bowl commercials. Last year’s “Starman” was one of the best car commercials I’ve ever seen and was both touching and awesome. This year, Audi continues the idea of tugging at heartstrings, while also touching on an important and current topic. With a father narrating his daughter’s downhill cart race, it talks about his concerns for her future and if she’ll be judged for her gender while she dominates the race. His words are touching, as is the look on the daughter’s face when she wins. We also get a glimpse of the Audi S5 Sportback, a car that’s finally coming to America.

[Source: QuattroDaily]