McLaren and BMW had a baby together

Rumors | January 19th, 2017 by 14
bmw mclaren baby 750x500

Once upon a time, BMW and McLaren actually worked on cars together, like one of the most iconic race car of all time: The BMW-powered McLaren F1 GTR. They were even rumors about another possible collaboration in the future, but for now, that stays a dream of ours.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped the BMW community of taking a proactive step and putting forward their own interpretation of what a McLaren BMW supercar would look like.

bmw mclaren baby 750x497

HugoSilva Designs decided to take the best features off a McLaren 12C and a BMW M3/M4, to give birth to this rendering. It even features the beautiful wheels from the BMW Competition Package.

As always, purists are likely to cringe at the combination of design cues, but nonetheless, it makes for an interesting topic.

Of course, a BMW-powered McLaren car would be a cool thing to see today, especially if BMW would bring back to life some of its famous naturally-aspirated engines, but people are whispering in our ear that BMW will continue to steer clear of making a six-figure sports car to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-AMG GT, Audi R8, and Porsche 911 Turbo.

[Source: Carscoops]