When high praises are exerted towards an aftermarket tuning company, it’s always because that said company is going the extra mile for their customers. Clearly, not all in the aftermarket industry are able to do the high-quality work, but those who can, often go beyond the highest expectation of their customers.

In the case of European Auto Source, they like to throw in a nice get together for their customers every once in a while. In turn, this ensure these owners – bonded by love for BMW as a brand – usually become friends, partners in crime of tuning, but also, highly respected members of the car community as well.

Aftermarket Tuning Meet At European Auto Source 13 750x469

Hence, European Auto Source’s recent meet that also doubled as a nice coding and dyno day, is a perfect example of such camaraderie. It’s a another stepping stone in the relationship between BMW owners and the tuning shop employees. It’s also a great chance to find out how much power does your BMW really produce.

Aftermarket Tuning Meet At European Auto Source 11 750x499

While the event was mostly friend and relaxed, the coding  and dyno part of it certainly wasn’t anything but business overall. Consequently – as you will see from the images below – this event had a pretty good turnout. Additionally, one can easily recognize the likes of the all-new BMW F87 M2, some older generation models like the beautiful E24 6-Series to the new M3, M4 and M5 vehicles, for example.

Coding & Dyno Meet At European Auto Source

Well, there was even one owner who took his gorgeous San Marino Blue M4 to the event all away from Texas. It was a day filled with the growl of inline-six, V8 and V10 engines, giving everyone in attendance some rather fetching reassurance why they’ve went with this car brand. That’s dedication! You can check out the full event media gallery right below.