BMW M4 Gran Coupe rendering shows the dream car

BMW M4 | January 19th, 2017 by 50
2017 M4 Gran Coupe Render 750x500

Longtime BMW fan Paul-Bracq brings us today a car that we’ve all dreamed about – BMW M4 Gran Coupe. “With the arrival of the 4 Series LCI, I’m making a render I wanted to do for a long time: an M4 Gran Coupe,” says Bracq. The idea behind the rendering started with Bracq’s passion for the 4 Series Gran coupe design which he calls it “a sleek four door sedan.”

The project started with an image of the facelifted BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe which was unveiled this week. Next, the M4 front bumper and hood was added, followed by some large wheels that fill the wells, a carbon roof and M mirrors.

2017 M4 Gran Coupe Render 750x500

The end result is a stunning M4 Gran Coupe which could be a great seller for the Garching-based division.

The segment of four-door coupes is growing quite rapidly. Mercedes-Benz started it with the CLS Class years ago, the BMW came out with the 6 Series Gran Coupe followed by Audi’s A7. Now, BMW has the 4 Series GC and Audi has the S5 Sportback (though the latter isn’t available in North America). So the body style is getting popular among customers. It’s even been rumored that Audi might create and RS5 Sportback.

But even though there is a demand for those type of vehicles, the chances of four-door M4 Coupe are slim to none. BMW M has often said that there isn’t a large enough market for something like an M4 Gran Coupe, despite how great it would be. BMW has always claimed that it would make any car that had a large enough demand. But people barely notice the standard 4 Series Gran Coupe, so it would be a tough sell on an M variant.

[Photo: f80.bimmerpost]