What can you do to make the already-amazing exterior looks of the BMW i8 even better? The easiest and most affordable way is to add a set of aftermarket wheels. While the impressive and futuristic exterior design of the BMW i8 is clearly one of the best in the automotive industry, the factory wheel design can also get some updates. A perfect invitation for HRE Wheels to put together their own ideas for i8 wheels.

The owner, who bought a clean looking Sophisto Grey Metallic with BMW i Frozen Blue accent vehicle, had some customization in mind, wanting to give his ride a more unique appeal. So he worked together with Wheels Boutique and ordered some custom forged wheels. The wheels come from HRE Performance Wheels and they are the HRE P101 wheel model. Built by Wheels Boutique, the BMW i8 project beforehand is a perfect showcase how clean a build can be executed.

BMW i8 with HRE P101 Wheels in Satin Charcoal 5 750x500

In that regard, these HRE P101 wheels come with a monoblock configuration and a sporty design. Wheels are built in sizes of 22×9 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear. The wheels showcase a Satin Charcoal finish. Additionally, a set of Pirelli P Zero Nero tires, sized 245/30/22 and 285/25/22 in the front and rear, respectively, was added. Thanks to Keenan Warner, you can take a look at the photoshoot of this BMW i8 with HRE Wheels in the detailed gallery right below.

BMW i8 with HRE P101 Wheels in Satin Charcoal 7 750x500