BMW X7 to differ from the X5, be flagship luxury car

BMW X7, News | December 16th, 2016 by 4
BMW X7 photoshop front end 750x500

We’ve heard quite a lot about the BMW X7 lately. From new spy shots that surfaced recently to hearing about a possible ultra-high-end model to compete with Bentley, the X7 has been all over automotive news as of late. But now we’ve got some more news for you.

In most of the spy shots we see, the BMW X7 is always compared to a larger, longer BMW X5. However, according to BMW’s Ian Robertson, director of marketing, the X7 will differ greatly from the its younger brother. Many were expecting the X7 to basically just be a longer wheelbase X5, but Robertson claims otherwise. “There’s very little resemblance to the X5, so it’s not an extended wheelbase X5. It’s very different – we wanted it to have its own identity.”

That’s interesting to hear because we’ve even compared the way the X7 looks to the X5 ourselves but it seems we were wrong.

rendered BMW X7 750x500

What we weren’t wrong on, though, was that there will likely be a higher-end variant of the X5 that will have Rolls Royce levels of luxury. “We will make a higher luxury version of it as well. So in the same way as you take a 7 Series and you bring in the Individual bespoke service as with Rolls Royce.”

BMW wants the X7 to be the brand’s flagship luxury vehicle and offer luxury levels above even the 7 Series sedan. It will likely have similar engine options as the 7 Series, though, with six, eight and twelve cylinders engines available. There could be a plug-in hybrid variant as well, but one really doesn’t make sense in such a big, heavy vehicle. We’ll have more for you as we get it.

[Source: Auto Express]