In a list of builds we’ve seen lately, this might be the most amazing one. The race themed BMW F80 M3 comes from HRE Wheels. It features a bevvy of LeMans and other endurance racing inspired additions, a set of HRE Classic wheels, some carbon fiber parts and a gorgeously pulled through theme.

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It’s something that kids that grew up in the ’80s would do. Simply put, the build clearly isn’t for everyone, but somehow, the complete package puts a smile on your face in every way.

Race Themed BMW M3 Image 6 750x500

The build most notably features the race inspired wrap. While a lot of people would scoff at the mere thought of such an addition, this M3 looks good dressed up in it. Add the yellow tint on the headlights – something 24h races almost always include in order to recognize the race classes – and the whole thing looks impressive. The M3 seen here also features a race derived front spoiler, sideskirts, a rear diffuser and a rear decklid spoiler as well. All these parts are made out of carbon fiber.

The addition of HRE Classic 300 wheels – wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport – is a perfect finishing touch, as it brings us a well-known wheel design from racing in the 90s, alongside a lightweight, strong and beautiful wheel setup. The combination of Bronze centers and Polished Lips fits the vehicle perfectly. Behind the wheels, you’ll notice a BBK (Big Brake Kit) that provides ample braking performance. The vehicle also comes with an aggressive stance, thanks to the M3 being lowered.

Race Themed BMW M3 Image 7 750x461

The racing decals on the windshield, rear windows and some other details bring the build to a complete package. It certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but we like it. It ties in all the parts together, it brings both the race inspired look and the race derived parts, yielding a more aerodynamically optimized, faster and more fun to drive M3 overall. Check out the full photoshoot by BT Photography.

Race Themed BMW M3 Wallpaper