The Alpine White Widebody BMW M4 build we have before us today, not only comes with aftermarket aero parts, but also with a set of custom wheels that perfectly complement this kit. While Kinetic isn’t that well-known, the company that engineered and built their wheels, certainly is. The red beauties installed on this BMW M4 are built by Vossen Wheels.

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But, let’s see first what they offer in the aero department. Every generation of BMW’s mid-level high-performance sedan/coupe sees some form of a widebody customization. We’ve seen how Vorsteiner does it and we’ve also seen what PRIOR Design puts on the market. Now, it’s time for a widebody program by Kinetic as well.

BMW M4 Widebody Kinetik Wheels 10 750x500

The company approached the task of creating a widebody kit with impressive experience in the field of automotive aerodynamics. Kinetic has been active in the field for years now, creating carbon fiber aero parts  anbd venturing into the world of BMW M models.

Back in 2008, they’ve collaborated with the creative engine at OSSdesigns, developing their first custom body kit for the BMW E92 M3 – named Project Titan. They have followed up with two more body kits for the BMW F10 550i and the Audi RS5. With this, they’ve became enamored with the ins and outs of the design process and so it began. Their future in aerodynamic parts and wheels became clear.

BMW M4 Widebody Kinetik Wheels 4 750x500

“Our objective was to reach the top tiers of cosmetic enhancements for any vehicle owner,” Kinetic said in a statement. “We wanted to bring aggressive minimalism, enhancing the stock appearance wherever possible without losing the integrity of OEM appeal. To do this we started an arduous process of training and saving for our launch.”

After the aero program was completed, it was time to engineer a custom set of wheels. Kinetic worked on the project with Vossen Wheels, a company well-known in the aftermarket wheel world, whereas their experience and know-how ensured that the baby steps, issues and errors were skipped, thus creating a set of wheels that’s up to current high-performance aftermarket part standards in every possible area.

Take a look at the media gallery of this Alpine White BMW M4 Widebody right below.

Alpine White Widebody BMW M4 Gets Kinetic Wheels