After a series of old school bimmers, “The Driveway” features today one of the newest BMW models – a 2016 BMW X4 M40i. The first M Performance variant of the X4 Sports Activity Coupe made its debut earlier this year and we had a chance to drive it in Monterey.

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The BMW X4 was always an intriguing car to us as it’s sportier than the X3 – which already drives quite well – yet is still quite practical. So the X4 could be a very good Jack of all Trades type vehicle. And it’s already building a following within the BMW community.

2016 X4 M40i Long Beach Blue 5 750x500

Name: Rob aka RobNyc aka FSociety

Car (year/make/model): 2016 BMW X4 M40i

Time of Ownership: 3/10/16

What made you buy it?: After owning a 2014 BMW X3 28i M-Sport for two years, test-driving a different range of cars from Mercedes-Benz, new Camaro 2SS, and other BMWs (235i, 340i, 435i, X3/X4), trying to stay loyal and have faith the X4 M40i was going to be special, I went and made the order in January.

Things you like: Sport Exhaust, Long Beach Blue color option, sound system is much better, handling, LEDs, coupe style and guess I do like the 355hp, although wish it would have been a B58 or S55 engine.

Things you’d change: Engine options, more wheel options in 19 instead of 20, more interior color options.

Modifications Done: Custom Catless Downpipe by @AIMPerformanceNJ, Formula One Ceramic Tints, and soon Stage2 Tune, Enzo Performance collabo PTF/BM3

Any Adventures?: 12,000 miles of driving in less than a year around PA, NJ, NY/NYC areas so far.

Costs: $67,000 MSRP ; $61,000 out the door

What’s Next (Next car, next adventure, etc.)?: Hopefully X3M or X4M when my lease is up.

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