Is this flawed 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL worth the risk?

News | November 4th, 2016 by 2
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One of the icon’s in BMW’s motorsport history is the BMW 3.0 CSL. Known mostly for its victory at Sebring in 1975, the BMW 3.0 …

One of the icon’s in BMW’s motorsport history is the BMW 3.0 CSL. Known mostly for its victory at Sebring in 1975, the BMW 3.0 CSL was one of the brand’s most successful racing cars. It was also one of the best looking BMWs in the brand’s history. Which is why the 1,265 road units built for homologation are so highly sought after. So is this flawed 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL worth the risk at a relatively low price?

Located in Toronto, this 1973 CSL has 164,000 kilometers (101,900 miles) on it and looks fairly good from the outside. However, it’s been resprayed a couple of times, as its original owner changed its color from green to gold, with a subsequent owner having it sprayed back to its original Taiga Metallic green paint color. The second owner had the gold paint stripped away down to bare metal and had the few rust spots taken care of and fixed before the respray, so it’s in pretty good shape. There’s some minor bubbling at the bottom of the doors though, probably requiring more body work.

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Aside from that, though, it’s a stunning car. The 3.0 CSl was always a beautiful car and that green makes it really stand out. The period BBS wheels also look great and seem to be a good condition. It even still has the original perspex rear window, for extra weight savings. It’s a very cool looking car and one that any BMW enthusiast would love to own.

On the inside, the news is mostly good. The original lightweight racing seats are still in place and look great, as is the original three-spoke steering wheel. The original stripped-down dash also seems to be in pretty good shape except for where it meets the passenger door, as some of the dash is peeling off. But it doesn’t look too bad and shouldn’t be too difficult to repair. Other than that, it’s a great looking interior that evokes racing cars of the ’70s.

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The engine in this car has the 3.1 liter I6 engine in it, as it was increased from 3.0 liters in 1973, and made around 180 hp. Mated to a four-speed manual, this meant it could get from 0-60 mph in just over 7 seconds, which was quick for the ’70s. But you don’t buy this car for its performance, you buy it for everything else.

The way the 3.0 CSL looks, drives, sounds and makes you feel is an experience that few other cars can replicate. It’s an astonishing car and one that will live on in BMW history forever. Plus, it’s very rare and desirable.


Right now, this specific car is on BringATrailer with a current bid of $12,000 and 7 days left to go. So who knows how much it will end up finally selling for but its current price of $12,000 is quite low for such a great car. How much more would you be willing to spend on a classic that has a bit of a checkered history and that could use some work?

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