2017 MINI Paceman Rendered Even Though It’s Dead

Interesting, MINI | November 2nd, 2016 by 1
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The auto industry has a rather harsh way of weeding out the cars that don’t perform as they should. The measuring stick normally used implies a sheet filled with sales figures and profitability charts. If they aren’t up to par with what they should be bringing in, cars can easily be put out of production as it recently happened with the MINI Paceman.

The ‘Coupe’ version of the MINI Countryman might’ve not been a good-looking car or a practical one, but there were a few people out there that love it to bits. Let’s just call this our human side, the one that doesn’t take kindly to reason from time to time, to allow us to rebel against ourselves. In doing so, sometimes we manage to remain same, freeing ourselves from the daily burdens that lay heavily on our thoughts.

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Leaving the sentimental things aside for a moment, getting back to the MINI Paceman, the British brand confirmed earlier this year that it will be going out of production, leaving room for a new model in the range, one that would cater better to the demands of the customers. That said, the rendering at hand here is definitely of a car that won’t come to fruition.

Even so, we appreciate the effort Theophilus Chin put in to show us what the Paceman could look like if MINI decided to keep it alive. Borrowing the same headlights and taillights as his bigger, four-door brother, the Countryman, the Paceman isn’t all that bad looking in these pictures. Or is it? You guys can decide for yourselves and let us know if a car like this would be tempting to buy.