Getting a BMW i8 is a great idea, if money no object. The hybrid sports car from BMW caters to owners that want to be driving a high-tech and futuristic looking sports vehicle, all the while being careful to the environment. But, as the model’s success story plows along, more and more owners are thinking outside the box to differentiate their cars from the rest of the ownership base.

For many, choosing an Individual Finish for their ride is the way to go. The same approach was utilized by this South Korean BMW i8 owner and the end result is a fantastic looking vehicle. For this BMW i8, the exterior finish choice landed its owner a gorgeous looking Neon Yellow paint finish. Quite a catch among the BMW i8 world, this flashy paint job gives the hybrid performance vehicle a unique and literally glowing appeal, all making sure it’s noticed anywhere its owner takes it.

DRV 8049 750x501

The i8 is powered by a combination of a 1.5 liter three-cylinder petrol engine and electric motors, powering all four wheels. The 1.5-liter combustion engine develops 170 kW/231 hp and drives the rear wheels of the BMW i8, while the 96 kW/131 hp electric drive sends its power to the front wheels and allows an all-electric range of up to 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

For $140,700 – the sleek-looking hybrid clearly fits well into the premium sportscar segment. Full photoshoot of this BMW i8 is done by Ryu Jang Heoun Photography.

DRV 8064 750x501