Report: BMW i5 Reportedly Set in Stone to Be an SUV

BMW i, News | October 31st, 2016 by 4
BMW i5 rendering new 750x500

The highly anticipated upcoming BMW i5 has reportedly been greenlit and even some first design sketches of how it will look like have been agreed upon. At least that’s what a new report coming from the UK seems to suggest, claiming the BMW Management finally came to an understanding. Apparently, the car will be launched in 2021 and will have an SUV body.

The report from Autocar suggests that info coming from their own sources inside Munich points to this type of body for the company’s third i car from the eponymous sub-brand. The popularity this segment is recording today seems to be the main motor behind choosing such a bold and big body type along with profitability prospects. Since the SUV’s popularity is something fierce these days, it may seem like a safe bet, at least for now.

BMW i5 new rendering 750x563

Rumors about the i5 have been going around for quite some time now though and there have been many scenarios coming out according to a variety of reports. After the BMW i8 Spyder, which has already been seen out testing already on the Nurburgring, is launched, the BMW i5 will be the next project that will be given all the attention in the BMW i sub-brand’s HQ.

No matter what body type it will be sporting when it comes out, you can rest assured that BMW will let us know it belongs to the i family through its design. Therefore, expect a futuristic look to be infused into it along with the latest findings in the field of EVs. Most rumors claim it will be a pure-electric vehicle and that it is a possibility that it will be using more than one electric motor. The high-density batteries from the new i3 will also be used for a range that should easily topple 200 miles on a daily basis. Wireless charging will also be offered along with fast-charging solutions for both at home and on the go.