The continuous quest to stand out is the marquee of the aftermarket tuning industry. Consequently, the lengths owners are willing to go to make their cars different and more appealing are also staggering. This in turn results in some hideous, but also, some classy, albeit unorthodox tuning projects. This Alpine White BMW M4 build we have here falls into the latter group.

The transformation of this BMW M4 was made by TAG Motorsports, a California -ased tuner most known for high-performance tuning projects. For this build, the most prominent item on this Alpine White M4 build are the wheels. Made by Rotiform and showcasing a Bronze Gold exterior finish, the wheels really set off the Alpine White M4.  The multispoke step-lip design also fits the bimmer perfectly, turning back the clock and giving us some of that ’80s style in a modern form. Add the directional design of the wheel spokes, and we clearly have one fitting set of shoes for this high-performance coupe.

Alpine White BMW M4 Adorned Withg Carbon Fiber Gold Wheels Image 8 750x501

After the wheels upgrade, the ENLAES F8X carbon fiber aero kit is the most notable addition to this M4. With styling totally different than anything else available on the market today, ENLAES has positioned themselves on the BMW aftermarket as an alternative to the traditional aero parts. The Alpine White M4 in question, now rolls with a carbon front lip, carbon fiber side skirts and a rear center diffuser.

Flashy? Yes. Different? Without a doubt. Classy? De gustibus non est disputandum.

Alpine White BMW M4 Adorned Withg Carbon Fiber Gold Wheels Image 6 750x501