Selling cars via online vendors like eBay or Amazon is not new, considering many manufacturers are already doing it. BMW has been selling the i3 online in Japan for quite some time now and now it’s MINI’s turn to take this step as well. The MINI Cooper S Carbon Edition was launched this week in India, thanks to Amazon.

The car is currently on sale for Indian customers, for INR 3,990,000 which translates into roughly $60,000 at today’s exchange rates. For that kind of money you get a bespoke model that has been modified solely on the outside, with some pretty stripes and a different paint. Under the hood, the 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine now makes 210 HP instead of the standard 189 HP. It’s still not up to par with the JCW’s 228 HP but it’s a noticeable increase nonetheless.

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Other JCW parts installed include Alcantara, leather and the brilliant front seats, the exhaust, exterior body kit, carbon fiber tailpipes as well as JCW door entry sills and leather steering wheel with paddle shifters. As you probably noticed, the car is almost completely black on the outside, with matte black stripes on the hood and and roof with red lining on the sides for a brilliant contrast.

The car also comes with adjustable dampers, Anthracite headliner, rear parking sensors and head-up display included as well as the 8.8-inch display for the dash. Unfortunately, only 20 units are available for order through Amazon, as this is a limited edition model after all. Therefore, if you live in India and want to buy a car online, you might want to hurry up.