BMW i5 rendering based on patent leaks

BMW i | October 17th, 2016 by 14
BMW i5 new rendering 750x500

Last week, possible leaks showed BMW’s patents for the i5 and today, we’re going to take a look at a new rendering image of the i5 based on those images. The rendering shows a four-door hatchback with subtle SUV elements and a raised driving position. The i5 clearly borrows a lot of its design from both the BMW i3 and i8, with the rear end being almost entirely i3 and the front end having a lot of i8 in it. The reason behind an electric i5 crossover is simple: People love SUVs and people also love electric cars now. So combining the two should be a home run, right? Right. So long as it doesn’t look like the Model X.

According to sources, the underpinnings of the BMW i5 are known internally as FSAR, short for flat battery storage assembly, similar to the modular CLAR platform underpinning several new BMWs allowing multiple cars to be channeled through the same factory. FSAR and CLAR will also share different technologies, like faster 5G mobile chips which will help with BMW’s autonomous driving plans.

BMW i5 new rendering 750x563

Along with a new design, the third i car will also employ some of the latest and greatest technology advancements in telematics and autonomous driving. It’s expected, given the recent news of BMW’s broadening planned electric vehicle lineup, that the car will be a pure electric vehicle, rather than a range-extended EV like the i3, or a petrol-electric hybrid, like the i8.

BMW’s rival Mercedes-Benz recently launched its EQ sub-brand, a rival to BMW’s i sub-brand, at the Paris Motor Show, so BMW is on the clock to deliver another premium electric vehicle before its archrival.

[Source: IndianAutosBlog]