BMW G 310 ‘GS’ Spotted In the Flesh?

Motorrad | October 12th, 2016 by 2
bmw g310gs 750x500

We’ve reported on the rumored G 310 GS in the past, even within the past few days. Now the folks over at have posted an image purporting to show a near production-ready test version of the mini adventure machine.

As we’ve discussed several times, the GS lineup has been wildly successful for the Bavarian motorcycle brand. BMW created the adventure segment decades ago with the introduction of the R80 G/S, but even in modern times the GS badge is adorned by the brand’s best-selling motorcycles. In fact, the R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS ADV are often the best selling Beamers, by a rather significant margin.

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As expected, BMW Motorrad seems to be hopeful that the success of the large displacement ‘adventure king’, the R 1200 GS, will translate into a successful, small displacement adventure bike. Though, the smaller displacement GS bikes, like the 650 and 700 GS, have never had a comparable reign in terms of sales. Still, BMW is very eager to ramp up volume by 2020 to 200,000 units per annum. This new model will play a role in achieving that goal.

Based upon the cost-consciously developed G 310 R, which is manufactured in India by TVS, the new G 310 GS will make use of the same 313cc, single cylinder engine. As far as performance figures are concerned, expect the GS’ engine to be tuned to reflect its intended functionality both on and off-road. In other words, expect it to be a bit slower and a bit torquier, unless BMW leaves the engine unmodified from its current state.

BMW Motorrad’s future growth plan places particular emphasis on the significance that the U.S. market is expected to play, hoping that the firm’s market share will double here. However, small displacement motorcycles, below 500cc, whether premium or not, sell abysmally here in the States. Will the G 310 GS be able to buck that trend by carrying some of the credibility of the GS name and the prestige of the BMW roundel? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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