BMW 1M gets a new owner: Chris Harris of Top Gear

BMW 1M, News | September 15th, 2016 by 4

Harris has gone and bought himself yet another classic BMW. Chris Harris, one of the new hosts of Top Gear, recently purchased a Jet Black BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Harris has been known to have one or two classic cars, some of them BMWs. One of which was an E28-generation BMW M5, a fact that forces me into a jealous rage, as that’s one of my all-time favorite cars. But anyway, back to the BMW 1M.

Harris recently tweeted a picture of his black BMW 1M, claiming to be loving it. It’s not hard to see why, either. Just look at that stance, flared wheel arches and quad exhausts. It’s just a stunning thing. I personally think it looks great in black, as well. Most people go for the Valencia Orange, which is a gorgeous color, or the Alpine White, which is kinda ‘meh’. I rarely see the 1 Series M in black, so it’s refreshing and looks very good to these eyes.


He then followed up with another Tweet, claiming that he’s wanted one for awhile and prefers it to the new M2. While the new BMW M2 is superior to the 1M in every measurable way, it’s the immeasurables that make the 1M so fantastic. It’s those intangible qualities that make the 1M the one that enthusiasts really want. Its 3.0 liter 335 hp, 370 lb-ft turbocharged I6 engine is raucous and exciting. It’s harder to drive, more tail-happy and far more raw than the M2. Perfect for a Harris, who’s known to slide around a bit.

Harris also claims that he payed “crazy money” for it. He isn’t alone, though. Plenty of enthusiasts have been snagging BMW 1Ms, even at higher prices than they originally sold for. The 1M has been a tremendous car investment for those who bought them brand new. Most sports cars depreciate heavily, but it’s actually appreciated quite a bit. So it’s no surprise that Harris payed a pretty penny for one, as good examples often fetch high price tags.

We knew Chris Harris liked to slide around in cars, as that’s basically what his YouTube channel was centered around, and we knew he liked BMWs. So it’s really no shock that he would go for a BMW 1M. It seems like a great match. Congrats, Chris, it’s a great car.