BMW isn’t a stranger to recalling cars over Takata airbags. It’s done it before, in markets all over the world. BMW isn’t alone in this issue, as the Japanese airbag supplier has been the cause of millions of recalls across the automotive industry in the past couple of years. However, the Bavarians once again have to recall more cars over such faulty airbags, this time in Japan.

The ammonium nitrate-based propellant used to inflate the airbag can actually explode, sending literal shrapnel into the passengers. This can happen when the propellant gets hot or humid for too long. Takata has remedied this by putting a drying agent in the propellant in recalled and newer models. However, there are still some lingering cars out there that have these faulty airbags.

bmw 2 series airbag deployed 750x632

BMW is recalling 110,000 cars in Japan over this issue. These cars are made up of 44 different models, spanning manufacturing years 2004 through 2012. That’s a lot of cars and it’s concerning to know that there are so many still out there. While the incident rate isn’t very high, it’s high enough to be concerning. Since the issue with these airbags was first made public a couple of years ago, 14 people have been killed and 150 have been injured, worldwide. While that’s not a massive amount, it’s 14 and 150 people too many.

The Japanese Transport Ministry has ordered a recall of seven million cars with faulty Takata airbags by 2019. So the Japanese government is also working on the issue.

[Source: Reuters]