Carjackers Steal Four Brand New BMWs in Under 2 Minutes

Videos | September 5th, 2016 by 2
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You’d think that cars parked in front of a dealership would be safe from thieves, especially in the middle of the day, right? Well, you’d be wrong as the video below will show you otherwise. Four daring carjackers managed to steal four brand new BMWs last week, from a dealership in St. Petersburg, Russia, in just under two minutes, in broad daylight, without anyone trying to stop them.

According to at around 6:26 local time on Thursday, four men wearing hats that conveniently covered their faces from the protruding view of the CCTV cameras installed in the parking lot, simply hopped inside four BMWs and drove them away, in what could be called the carjack of the decade. And while you may think they had to break a window or hotwire some cables under the steering wheel column, no such thing was needed.

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As it turns out, the four managed to steal the car keys from the dealership’s vault, somehow without nobody noticing. Therefore, all they had to do was keep their faces hidden from the cameras and just drive the cars away. Which is exactly what they did. A BMW X6, a BMW X5, a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and a 7 Series were stolen in the process, the damage raising to over $310,000 or 20 million rubles in local currency.

Of course, the police are on the prowl at the moment, trying to find both the perpetrators and the cars but chances of that happening are slim, at most. Our guess is that the luxurious models are currently being stripped apart and sold piece by piece on the black market. Hopefully, if the cars aren’t recovered, at least the thieves are caught and can be brought to justice.