BMW 1 Series Sedan – Real Life Photos

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We recently just gave you the first look at the Chinese-market only BMW 1 Series sedan, which will be the first sedan built on BMW’s …

We recently just gave you the first look at the Chinese-market only BMW 1 Series sedan, which will be the first sedan built on BMW’s new front-wheel drive UKL architecture. We’ve only seen the one photo of the exterior, but it’s a rather handsome looking car and will compete well with the front-wheel drive-based sedans from Mercedes-Benz and Audi in China.

Today, we have a set of real life images showing the new compact sedan. The development and testing of the new car was taken place in the BMW headquarters with the involvement of Chinese engineers. The new car also performed intensive road tests in respect to different circumstances of road conditions and climate situations on different terrains in China.

BMW 1 Series sedan images 2

Based on the BMW Concept Compact Sedan, the 1 Series sedan features the typical double kidney grille as well as LED double round headlamps and the characteristic BMW design language, including the iconic Hofmeister kink.

BMW 1 Series sedan images 1

The UKL platform will allow the 1 Series Sedan to actually be fun to drive, despite its front-drive nature (xDrive will also likely be available for those who absolutely cannot have FWD).



23 responses to “BMW 1 Series Sedan – Real Life Photos”

  1. Fritz says:

    The beginning of the end.

    • Giom says:

      So dramatic…

      It’s because of models like this that BMW is still around and doing well. Adapt or die. It doesn’t mean you have to like it… it simply means that there will still be a BMW tomorrow.

      • Fritz says:

        Still around? When were they in trouble? In the 50’s?

        I don’t mind FWD SUV’s and MPV’s. But I definitely do mind FWD sedans, hatchbacks and (future) coupés.

        • JRobUSC says:

          That’s almost as ignorant and short sighted as BMW’s continued failure to bring the car here. Mercedes and Audi are racking up thousands of sales every month with CLA’s and A3’s while BMW has nothing to compete, and a rear drive architecture on a vehicle that small would yield a uselessly tiny interior (see: previous generation X1 and 1-Series hatchback). That new UKL platform is awesome, so good in fact that in a recent comparison test between the new X1 and four of its main competitors (Audi Q3, Lexus NX, Mercedes GLA, and Infiniti Q30) not only did the X1 win, but the point gap between 2nd and 5th was smaller than the gap between 1st and 2nd. The X1 annihilated the field. I see no problem with BMW using that same platform to create a class leading small sedan, since all it means is healthy profits for the brand, which allows them to turn around and keep building the kind of cars YOU WANT. Don’t want a FWD/AWD 1-Series sedan? Fine, don’t buy one. But the existence of one is good for the brand, and for you.

          • Fritz says:

            Well, I don’t mind FWD SUV’s at all. (i.e. the X1)

            Ian Robertson openly admitted that BMW prefers profits above volume. So the sales figures are misleading. It’s also inadvertently admitting that they could raise the sales figures with (achievable) lower prices. Not a big surprise after ‘Cost Killer’ Herbert Diess’ reign.

            But lowering the prices is probably something they should do on the 1/2, and perhaps the 3/4 as well. But that’s just a personal opinion, since I would prefer volume on those models.

            While a FWD Sedan might not be the end of the world, I am also taking into account which other future models will become FWD. There are rumors about the 2 Gran Coupé for example. (I wouldn’t rule out the 3 Series neither)

            Then there’s also the old “people don’t know if the car is FWD or RWD” argument. Well, of course not. Because BMW doesn’t promote this selling point anymore like they used to.

            Anyway, I don’t understand where this “It’s necessary for the brand” shtick suddenly comes from.

          • JRobUSC says:

            the 3-series is not changing. The existence of a FWD based 1-series that actually drives well and is roomy enough to put people in isn’t going to be detrimental to the 3 (or 5 or 7 or M or any of the “pure” models that traditionalists are clinging to). Simply put, a 1-series sedan that shares parts with Mini would be a perfect competitor to the similar Audi and Benz models that sell like hot cakes, and would bring in truckloads of cash. BMW would be stupid not to build it immediately, and hopefully they’re smart enough not to listen to the purists who prioritize the past over the future. Porsches top three sellers are two SUV’s and a big sedan. Ferrari sells an all-wheel drive hatchback. People need to get over themselves and think forwards instead of backwards. All it does is give you a choice. Don’t get the FWD-based models if you don’t want to.

          • Fritz says:

            I’m not sure that interior space is a priority for people whom buy the F20 or hatchbacks in general. Personally I wouldn’t ditch the one advantage (or selling point) the F20 has above it’s competitors.

            I was quite ecstatic when I saw the first 1 Sedan Concept, until I realized that it isn’t a true “sports sedan”. Anyway, I’m interested in the future 2 Gran Coupé, so I hope that they don’t take the all the fun out of it.

            PS: the Ferrari FF is in it’s essence also a RWD car

          • Max says:

            Thx for the great arguments! Finally someone on this page here knows why they need to do that. I dont get why people always complain..Fritz is complaining about volume in the 1/2 segments but wants RWD. In the future u cant get the volume if u make the 1er rwd, the competitors would kill u because of price, space and practicability, and that are big arguments in this segment…
            Simple calculation: Lets say 20% of the buyers are rly interested in RWD, at least 80% of them would go for an other BMW, but u would gain a lot of new customers for the brand in general, also if u can make the car cheaper.

          • Fritz says:

            I wasn’t exactly complaining about volume. It’s just a personal preference I would have. (those cars are doing just fine)

            But have you driven both the A Class and 1 Series? I would highly recommend it.

          • realtrevor says:

            Just a point, the F20 1 Series Hatchback is roomier and has a bigger boot than the FWD A Class Hatchback. So it’s untrue that FWD guarantees better space and RWD guarantees horrible space.

          • Max says:

            Sure, the car is longer! ;)
            In the end its also a cost decision!

          • realtrevor says:

            Yes, it is mostly a financial decision than a technical one.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      Mercedes has lots of FWD models and at the same time doing better than ever in all segments (the S Class is established like never before, the E Class can compete with upper models quality-wise, their AMG lineup is great…) shows that it could actually be a rebirth for BMW.

  2. seancorr says:

    Take my money! Looks good but pity’s it’s only reserved for the Chinese market. It’ll do well to get some share of the pie when the A3 and CLA are doing well in other parts of the world.

    • Judithwbelisle1 says:

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  3. John says:

    This is BMW’s best car right now. Small and affordable. Everytime they make something big and and heavy and expensive, it doesn’t satisfy customers as well as other brand’s offerings do.

  4. Rze says:

    Handsome😅 ??

  5. Gabriel Flores says:


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