Going with a BMW i8 for your next high-performance car is a pretty safe bet. From the breathtaking performance to its quirky futuristic looks, this hybrid sportscar from Germany seemingly has it all. For the owner of this BMW i8 however, this just wasn’t enough. Consequently, he turned to the aftermarket tuning industry for some additional goodies for his beautiful car.

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While purists will probably get their panties twisted about this style/finish combination, it actually looks quite interesting. The wheels chosen are Vossen Forged LC-105T wheels. An American made product, they are made from high-quality forged aluminum and provide a lightweight aftermarket option for this vehicle. The wheels come in a somewhat unorthodox Imperial Gold finish, but overall, it works perfectly in accentuating the car’s design features against its Crystal White Pearl Metallic exterior finish.

A BMW i8 Vossen Forged LC 105T Wheels 7 750x500

The wheels on this $141,000 vehicle are also cream of the crop. The aftermarket custom wheel industry turned to forged wheels long ago and the results are amazing. The wheels come with a lightweight construction, while also providing great looks and performance on the track. For this BMW i8 build, Vossen made these wheels in sizes of 22×8.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear, respectively.

A BMW i8 Vossen Forged LC 105T Wheels 3 750x500