Rare Baur BMW 3 Series Up for Grabs in the U.S.

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Fiat 500c models are quite popular these days. Their folding roof is somewhat special in this day and age, when most droptops retract and fold the upper support beams. But what if I told you that there’s a BMW 3 Series out there that has a similar folding roof and it’s not made in a barn by a crazed out fan? Meet the BMW E36 3 Series, a car built in extremely small numbers.

The Baur name might sound familiar to some but few people know that the famous coach-builder worked with BMW. They also worked with other German manufacturers up until as late as 2002. This E36 318i landed on eBay and judging by the photos, it seems to be in great condition, even though it has 113,223 miles on the clock.

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The Baur-built E36 models were similar to traditional convertibles that featured a textile roof that folded on top of the boot. Since BMW launched a proper convertible model based on the E36, sales of the Baur model were cannibalized and only 311 were ever made.

Therefore, owning one of the 311 original cars, out of which who knows how many still run, it’s quite something. To top everything off, none of them made it to the U.S. through official channels. The owner and seller of the car claims this one is the first to reach US soil but we can’t be absolutely sure about his/her claim. That being said, since the bid at the time of writing is as low as $5,350, this might be a bargain in the end.

5 responses to “Rare Baur BMW 3 Series Up for Grabs in the U.S.”

  1. Fritz says:

    Does Bauer still exist these days?

  2. bmwlightfoot says:

    I think they still exist but the spelling is Baur not Bauer: http://www.karosserie-baur.com/

    • Matt Stokes says:

      I don’t think that is the same Baur.

      Baur doesn’t exist any more. I believe the management ended up starting a company called in2p, and the rest of Baur was sold to IVM Automotive GmbH, and now Semcon group, after it became insolvent about 15 years ago.

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